Rob Kendrick (nunfetishist) wrote,

The ultimate tea and coffee shop

  • In the Northern Quarter.
  • Opens at 7 am, closes at midnight.
  • Old library décor, with leather-topped tables, leather chairs, bookshelves on walls.
  • Air conditioning, set at 19°C.  People who touch this gets their hands chopped off.
  • Free WiFi. Devices with an Apple MAC address get throttled.
  • Tables have:
    • Kensington locks.
    • GbE ports.
  • A menu of teas and coffees, with tasting notes.
  • Kettles.
  • Infuser teapots using tea leaves, drip coffee, aeropress coffee, espresso-based coffee.
  • Soft drinks, served with ice.  Wide range of caffeine- and sugar-free choices.
  • Dyson Airblades.
  • Android app for ordering fresh drinks.
  • iPhone app for doing the same, but adds 10% to the price.
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